Our Top Tips for Keeping Your Scissors in Tip-Top Shape!

Our Top Tips for Keeping Your Scissors in Tip-Top Shape!

1. Be Gentle. 

Scissors, just like any other tool, are fragile and mishandling them can affect the way they cut. Some of the most common and damaging habits we see come from simply placing scissors on a table. This can also be why your brand new scissors are chipped. Try to be extra careful when placing your scissors down on any hard surface. Placing them down roughly, particularly on the button, can cause the blades of the scissor to become misaligned and loose from repeated impact. 

To reduce the chances of your scissors dropping to the floor, store them either in the box they came in or in another secure location. 


2. Don’t Practice “Air-Cutting”.

Simply put, “air-cutting” is when you use your scissors on nothing, as though you are using them to cut through the air. Think about it this way: every time the blades of your scissors come in contact with each other, the sharp edge of one blade is being ground against by the other blade. When you cut fabric, the fabric acts as a barrier between the sharp edge of the blades. Over the course of time, “air-cutting” can reduce not only the sharpness of your scissors but also their lifespan. So the next time you’re using them, make sure you’re using them to cut some fabric!


3. Be Mindful of the Materials You're Cutting.

It's true: different materials can affect the blades of your scissors differently. Take, for example, cotton vs polyester. The natural fibers and weave in cotton are easier, or "softer", for scissors to cut through than a plastic-based material like polyester, and are therefore easier on your scissors. Synthetic fibers, like polyester, are “harder” and create pieces of fiber that can become more easily stuck in your scissors, especially around the button. While scissors can cut any material, it’s good to be aware of what could potentially be dulling your scissors faster!

What’s every scissors’ worst nightmare? Cutting tape! This is because the very nature of the scissors is to pull and enclose the tape onto the blades, leaving not just a sticky mess on the blades themselves, but leaving the possibility that the adhesive will find its way down to the button of the scissors. The button is the heart and soul of what keeps your scissors cutting nice and smooth. When it gets clogged up with dust and bits of fabric, it can make your scissors feel jammed. When adhesive from tape gets to the button, you can kiss those scissors goodbye! 

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