How to Find a Great Pair of Shears

tailor shears


Have you wondered what makes a good pair of fabric shears? We've got you covered. We’ve compiled 5 points about what to look for in a great pair of shears. 


1. Look at the tip. On your average pair of scissors, have you ever noticed the blade becoming less and less sharp the closer to the tip of the blades you cut? This is because most manufacturers usually don't care or neglect how sharp the end of the blades are. With our LDH scissors, the first part of the blade you should try cutting with is the tip.

2. Are the blades slightly concave? Often overlooked when purchasing scissors, a curved - or concave - shape on the inside of each blade gives you extra leverage to cut through thick and long materials. Most average scissors will have straight blades, which will cause friction between the blades and the fabric. Our professional fabric shears, including Midnight Edition Fabric Shears, have concave blades.

3. What's so important about the button? The button - or the pivot - has to be tight or loose enough for your personal preference. This is why it's so important to test the scissors, if possible before you purchase them. LDH scissors are industrial grade, ensuring that the button is loose enough to not tire the user after a long day of crafting! Please note we don’t recommend tightening the button without professional guidance. 

4. The handle is what makes you feel at home! To bring home a great pair of scissors, you should ideally try the scissors. Listen to your hands, how do they feel? Our professional fabric shears feature painted handles and rubber handles, which both hug the hand comfortably.  

5. How heavy are they? This is a tool that you will be spending a large amount of time with, getting to know every personal inch while you cut and sew. Make sure that the weight is to your liking and won't tire you out too quickly. Our 8" Midnight Edition Fabric Shears are designed for those who need a lighter pair of shears and want to protect their wrists! Not only are they lightweight, but they are also ultra-powerful and sharp!

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