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Midnight Edition Bonsai Scissors

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The first tool in our permanent line of Midnight Edition garden shears! Our Midnight Edition Bonsai Scissors are crafted from heavy-duty carbon steel making them extra sharp. They come packaged in a felt bag for dedicated storage. 


They're designed with an extra-long body and long blades for detail trimming. Their wide handles are designed to fit hands of all sizes.


They're excellent for a variety of gardening activities, such as pruning, flower trimming and arrangement, and the art of bonsai.

*These scissors are not suitable for cleaning in a dishwasher. *

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The measurement you see - such as 8" - is the entire length of the scissor, including the handle.  

It really depends on how often you use the scissors, what items you’re cutting and how well you take care of your scissors. When tested in the rigors of professional sewing studios, our scissors outperformed brands in the same price tier. 

We offer a 10 year manufacturer's warranty on all of our products. For more info, click here.  

This is because we use a coating of oil to prevent any rust from developing during the shipping process. You can simply wipe it off before using the scissors. However, we do recommend that you apply a thin layer of oil - such as anti-rust, sewing machine oil, or any neutral oil - on the blades and button with a cloth when not in use.